Austin: Zavala Elementary One20 Volunteer Project

Austin's Zavala Elementary is over 80 years old.  Zavala serves students ages 5-11.  Ninety-nine percent of current students come from ethnic minority families and 92% come from economically disadvantaged homes.

Zavala is very happy to be part of the national initiative called ONE20 TODAY. One20 is a nonpartisan initiative to do good through actions and behaviors that affirm and reinforce principles and values in our community after the polarizing 2016 presidential election. Activities are planned in cities across the country including Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and Seattle.

This designated volunteer project will offer participants one twenty minute period assisting the school librarian within the Zavala School Library.

Sign up sheets for the designated time spots are available on the web at a special ONE20 designated Google Doc for interested parties.

Volunteers who might like to sign up for other activities in the 2017 school year will be given orientation and assistance for future programs while visiting the school on Friday.