One20: Do Some Good on Inauguration Day

Press Release

December 27, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas—The recent presidential election was challenging for many of our citizens. For them it was a painful experience full of acrimony and anger unprecedented in our country’s history. In this context we are announcing One20, an initiative to spend inauguration day in our communities shifting the dynamic from division to unity, from blame to engagement, and from hostility to kindness.

This initiative is about more than a single day. One20 is about the power of an individual plus twenty. What one person does can grow exponentially when we bring together others to help those in need or act in kindness. A concentric impact happens as more people are involved and set positive examples that spark someone else to do the same in different neighborhoods. One20 is a call to develop the relationships in our communities and bring people together to help a school, a food bank, the poor, or just talk to twenty strangers throughout the day.

One20 is a call to action. Gather a community. Agree on a good works idea. Plan the work. Do the good works on January 20. Start today and encourage others to do the same.

One20 is using social media to keep people up to date about the initiative. There is a Facebook page: One20Today, a website:, and homes on Instagram: one20today, and Twitter: @One20Today.  Events and community activities are being organized nationally to take place on inauguration day, January 20th and during the preceding weeks.

About One20

One20 began after the 2016 election as a neighborhood initiative born of the desire to show one another—and our children—a degree of civility and cooperation that seemed to be slipping away. So we came together from both sides of the aisle to create One20 and inspire others to come together and make our world a little better than before.

We hope to create a national community to inspire our fellow Americans, regardless of political affiliations, and show the power of positive action.

Be the change. Join us in taking action this One20, and cause a corresponding positive ripple in your world.  More information about One20 can be found here.



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