One20 is a day — and a MOVEMENT — to do good.


We encourage individuals and groups to use January 20, 2017 (and beyond) as a day to do good. One20 is inspiration to start — or motivation to continue.

One20 began after the 2016 election as a neighborhood initiative born of the desire to show one another —and our children — a degree of civility and cooperation that seemed to be slipping away. So we came together from both sides of the aisle to create One20 and inspire others to come together and make our world a little better than before.

We hope to create a national community by inspiring our fellow Americans, regardless of political affiliations, to show the power of positive action.

Do some good.

Join us in taking action to cause a positive ripple in the world.

Transparency is important, so we want you to know our story. 

Susanne Harrington, a mom and small business owner in Austin, TX, started a Facebook group on November 9th, 2016, with this goal:

“Please join in this effort to spend inauguration day in our communities as we shift the dynamic from division to unity, from blame to engagement, and from hatred to kindness.”

People from Austin to Dallas to Seattle to Chicago to Miami — and even beyond our shores — joined, invited friends, and offered ideas and a desire to start local efforts under the One20 umbrella.

Jon Mertz, a former client and friend to Susanne and her husband, recognized that the idea could spark people to do good well beyond January 20th — a movement built around the goodness in who we are and what we can do together, and a way to show our children a better way forward.

We hope you join us!